Upcoming 7-inch released on label owned by 16-year old features ILM band

By Brian Tucker 

Jett Plastic Recordings will release a 7-incher that features ILM’s Deadly Lo-Fi, Dex Romweber, and The Lonely Teardrops. If you’ve taken in some live music in the last year or so you may have seen any one of these acts.

Based in Detroit, the label was started by (now) sixteen year old Jarrett Koral in 2012. He was a music writer for the Metro Times (a column called Teen-a-Rama) and the label was the result of his passion for vinyl records. Koral has been the subject of numerous articles this year, especially a TV interview that went viral.

The label has pressed records for a dozen artists and will release the Dex Romweber/Lonely Teardrops/Deadly Lo-Fi 7-incher this spring.

deadly lo-fi 7 inch


“He is simply a good person with a big passion for the music he loves,” Deadly Lo-Fi’s Travis Burdick said. “The records are going to look as equally insane as the songs we recorded which are exactly what we wanted. A friend of Jarrett’s contacted (The Lonely Teardrops’) Crash after he heard about the show we were all playing in Richmond where Crash and Dex played all Flat Duo Jets songs. After talking a bit Crash sent them the two songs we recorded and they loved them.”

The songs on the release include “Muchacho” performed by The Lonely Teardrops, an explosive garage rock duo from Virginia and written by Katie Teardrop who trades singing verses with Dex Romweber on a cover of a Benny Joy song called “Crash the Party.”

The artwork for the vinyl release was created by Katie on the front and original art by Dex on the other side. The release will be limited to 300 copies on day-glo blue vinyl. Some variants will have day-glo cover art and some copies will have glow in the dark splatter vinyl.

Koral cites Romweber as one of his all time favorites.

“I’ve been a fan of Dex for a long time, from the Flat Duo Jets, to Dex Romweber Duo, to his solo stuff,” Koral said. “I approached Crash LaResh about putting out a 7-inch and he mentioned that these songs were recorded. I got turned onto The Lonely Teardrops who are amazing, Katie’s pretty much the female Dex, and Deadly Lo-Fi, who are really great. True to their name, they’re horror influenced, and it’s really fascinating music. With them all working together, how could you go wrong? Dex and Katie trade off verses on “Crash The Party and “Muchacho” is an original instrumental by Katie. Great stuff for sure, and I’m excited for the release.”


jett plastic

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