AVENUE is about music in Wilmington, N.C., visiting bands to the area, movies, N.C. based bands, live reviews, art and more.

This is an ongoing project and will take time to archive collected material I was involved with dating from 2004 to the present. The site is currently under construction as I am going through old articles and posting them.

In short, AVENUE is meant to be a library of sorts, a place to collect some of our local and N.C. music history.

In addition to new material, it will host music and art-related articles from the fifty-pkus issues of Wilmington, N.C. magazines I published (Avenue and Bootleg) from 2005 through 2009, or those I have written for such as Performer Magazine, early 2000s ILM indie publication The Tonic, and Wilmington long running newspaper Star News.

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