Pinky Verde returns from hiatus

By Brian Tucker

Pinky Verde released a new song called “Misery” this month and those familiar with the band can expect a different sound as well as a different line-up.

Last year Pinky Verde – Sara Beck (vocals), Ashley Cauley (guitar), and Heather Jensen (drums) released a handful of great songs – melodic, caustic yet pretty, and intimate. The band went on hiatus when Jensen studied abroad.

Jensen returned for the current semester but Beck and Cauley had moved on and she decided to continue writing and recording new music.

“This is how Pinky Verde first started,” Jensen said of what was first was her video production entity that led to a music project.

“Without them wanting to play music anymore I decided to continue on and be the one woman band I always was.”

Jensen plays drums, guitar, bass, and keyboard, and for new song “Misery” she tackles singing for the first time.

She says that “Misery” grew out of something from a biology class and the concept is about rape culture of ducks and how it relates to the downfalls of humanity.

Jensen added that she was inspired by the peculiar way ducks mate and wrote a set of lyrics – “Saw the ducks in the water/trying to mate/they would rather drown each other/trying to procreate” and another verse correlating the subject to humanity’s selfishness – “And I know this is the way/animals behave/I know, I know that/we’re just the same/Because we’re animals too/and I wouldn’t do a thing for you.”

It’s an atmospheric and gently haunting song. Jensen, who produced, recorded, and played all the instruments, opens “Misery” with nature sounds and ducks and layers it with echoes and additional sounds. The song mirrors the vibe of some previous band material but also points to a new direction.

Listen to Pink Verde’s music over at Bandcamp.

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