New Toke LP Orange available on vinyl

By Brian Tucker

Orange won’t be available on vinyl much longer. It’s going fast.

The latest album from the bluesy, groove heavy stoner/doom metal band saw a vinyl release via Emetic Records. Originally a digital only release, the new album landed on vinyl recently, able now to explode in full glory in local home speakers.

Pressed on vibrant nuclear orange vinyl, Orange is the stuff that melts speakers, pummels listeners, and sounds great in all its thunderous glory. Angry, explosive, and with vocals both witchy and destructive, Orange is a massive sounding album. Album highlights include “Weight of the World” and “Blackened” and both exemplify the band’s carnivorous and blazing sound.

Their debut, Purple, was released again this year, on vinyl, and sold out at Yellow Dog Discs.

The vinyl version is sold out on the band’s Bandcamp site but Emetic still has it for sale. Orange was a limited press run of 200.


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