Folkstone String Band at Moe’s BBQ this Friday

By Brian Tucker 

“You can get off work, scoop up the kids, and come get some food,” Jones Smith said of Folkstone String Band playing at Moe’s BBQ on Oleander Drive this Friday. 

It’s an early show, beginning at 5 p.m. in which the bluegrass band will play inside at the restaurant’s bar area and music will run through speakers outside for those dining under the waning sunshine.

It’s also family night and the band will be playing their bluegrass set and adding some old-time kid friendly songs like “Crawdad Song” and ones with funny lyrics.

“Leaving the moonshine jokes out, upbeat bluegrass music,” Smith said. “Not playing real loud – background music for folks’ dinner.”

folkstone string band

Smith said its fun for kids, they tend to dance around and bass player Ben Chontos’ daughter will join the band for “You Are My Sunshine.”

“It’s always a hit, real cute,” Smith said. “Sometimes her friends sing, they are getting more into singing along.”

Folkstone String Band stays busy playing around town (you can catch them at Mellow Mushroom) and they’ve got a lot coming up this summer.

They’ll perform with Massive Grass next month at Thalian Hall on April 27th.

Smith has been, and still is, in a lot of bands – in the past (Rong) and currently (The Phantom Playboys). He said that Da Howlies was resurrected recently with Greg from Polar Bear Blues Band joining in sometimes to play harmonica and Hank Blanton from Phantom Playboys joining in with Da Howlies.

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