New music from The Male Men

By Brian Tucker

Last fall Secret Keeper debuted at Hell-O-Weenie Fest at Reggie’s 42ndt Street Tavern.  Fast forward six months later and the band has changed its name to The Male Men, added a member, and readying a split 7-inch vinyl release aimed for summer release with ILM’s punk rock outfit Zodiac Panthers.

The 7-inch will feature two songs from each band. The Male Men’s songs (“Ruse,” “See Them Glow”) can be heard at Bandcamp. The Zodiac Panthers songs will come from an EP they released last fall – “DDT” and “So Sick of Your Face.”

The band is comprised of seasoned musicians from around town with history in other ILM bands – Charles Krueger (Thunderlip), Kenneth Ells (Church of Zann), Dustin Codair (Deep Ecology), Lincoln Morris (Onward, Soldiers). They sound more refined in the studio than the rugged, heavier performance captured at Reggie’s last October. Regardless, both are compelling. The new songs are a combination of old day college rock and surf guitar rock. The band sounds like they’re having a lot of fun, especially on “Ruse,” a song done with manic energy and feels pulled from the early 60s.

With “See Them Glow” they seem to be showcasing a larger palette and what they can bring to the table. They inject a song with near-gang vocals and rave-up music with exploration and hints of psychedelia. At just over three minutes it seems epic.

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