Salvación has new material on the way

By Brian Tucker

Expect to hear new music from local classic heavy metal band Salvación a lot this year, both new and new versions of older material.

The band has released three full lengths since 2010. Their last was the riotous concept album God, Gold and Glory in 2014. Last summer band drummer Carlos Denogean praised new singer Elliot Madre and around that time the band was in the process of recording material for a new album as well as reworking older songs.

A song ended up on a classic heavy metal compilation and a heavy metal cover of Paul Engemann’s “Push it to the Limit” from the Scarface soundtrack was posted on Bandcamp. Local recording engineer Ian Millard remixed the songs from their second album Way More Unstoppable with Madre providing new vocals.

Last year’s work has paid off. Heaven and Hell Records will release a remixed version of 2011’s Way More Unstoppable album (Way More Unstoppable REDUX) that features new vocals with Madre and additional songs – the Scarface song and “Swords & Tequila” by Riot.

Pre-orders for are available now via Heaven and Hell Records. Also planned for later this year is a new album with new band line-up.

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