Former Wilmington artist Bess Dolin making music in Thailand

By Brian Tucker

Former Wilmington resident (and fantastic artist) Bess Dolin is living abroad playing bass guitar in post-punk rock and roll group Itchy Band.

Based in Chiang Mai, Thailand, Itchy Band released new album Mass Extinction last week following 2013’s gnarly and excellent Live Fast Die Fun. The band’s sound is explosive, punchy and sneering and Mass Extinction is five tracks of agitated and spacey sounding candy.

Bent on frazzled guitar work, back alley-beating percussion and hyper, tense vocals, the title track is frenetic and caustic, think Black Sabbath by way of by The Stooges. “Betty Blow” is freewheeling and defiant. With lyrics like “naughty knickers and a rude mood” and “white nose and a hot mess” the song aims to slam stereotypes against a wall and wins. “Shadow Voodoo” is wild as a nasty, rollicking number done with witchy narration.

Itchy Band’s latest is manic garage band rock and roll, done with gnashed teeth and a dirty smile. It sounds like dangerous fun.

Check out Itchy Band’s albums:


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