Q & A with D&D Sluggers

By Brian Tucker

D&D Sluggers, a chiptune music duo is now solely the brainchild of Tim White. He just released the latest D&D album, their third, called Hot Banana. Its eight tracks of synth, weird soul, rock and R&B flavored dance floor music will please existing fans and welcome newcomers.

D&D will perform Thursday night at Bourgie Nights in downtown Wilmington with three other acts – Bit Brigade, MegaRan and Skyblew.

White recorded the music for Hot Banana and completed the project via a very successful Kickstarter campaign that also served to highlight D&D’s fan base. It’s another fun album from D&D but there were surprises too, with White exploring and expanding outside the danceable energy of previous albums.

White, on the road touring behind the new album, answered a few questions.

Can you share what “Villain of the Week” is about?

White: “Villain” is about spoilers. They are a curse. Social media has made it awful to miss a (television) show, but I don’t have cable and I usually have to wait. So I guess the villain in the song is technically people who post about shows.

How is touring now?

White: Touring has gotten easier over time. This is the third one for me. MegaRan and I have toured together before, but this is Skyblew’s first one and he’s getting along okay.

Were you overwhelmed or surprised at the love your Kickstarter received?

White: I was so happy and sort of shocked at the support for Hot Banana. It was going so quickly on the first day that I stayed up to watch it, like it was election night or something. We were so surprised.

The album title is great.

White: I’d like to tell you what Hot Banana is, but Amanda Lepre (Austin, Texas prog and pop metal singer-songwriter) would kill me.

Is it hard to be doing this solo?

White: Transitioning to solo was really hard. If people had not been so supportive, and at sometimes blunt, I don’t know if I could have done this. It was a process, but I think things have come together. Maybe.

If you could score a movie version of a game what would excite you the most to do?

White: I think a great one to do would be Adventure Island. So much action and skateboarding!

What’s some of your favorite old school video games?

White: I love a lot of old games, but I remember having a great time playing Mendel Palace. It was fun, but not many people played it.

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