Cassette release features two local bands

By Brian Tucker

Sidewalk Babes and Deadly Lo-Fi have produced a split EP release out now on cassette from Weiner Records, a subsidiary of Burger Records.

Try Our Delicious Half Chicken features five tracks by duo Sidewalk Babes and Travis Burdick’s Deadly Lo-Fi. Murky with a rough and tumble sound, two tracks from each band can be previewed online at Soundcloud, both great teasers for the new album. 

Sidewalk Babes’ “Whore-O-Florm” has shadowed feel, done with steady tempo and a deadly snarl. Singer (and guitarist) Joshua O’Hara’s vocals cut through the song’s haunting vibe, like a swimmer fighting to stay afloat.

“Whore-O-Florm” – Sidewalk Babes

O’Hara comes off like a gentler Glenn Danzig combined with a charming 1950s crooner. Here its less bite and fangs, delivered over creepy but cool guitar playing as David Rodriguez’ drumming rumbles along like a slow train leaving a country town.

Deadly Lo-Fi’s “True Love and Murder” is bouncy and occasionally craven sounding. It has this chunky, howling saxophone that recalls Dave Atell’s Insomniac television show theme coupled with boom/crash drumming. Burdick sings with a punk singer’s creakiness but delivered like a carnival barker. It’s a rave-up of a tune, like an endless, spooky carnival ride.

“True Love and Murder” – Deadly Lo-Fi

Deadly Lo-Fi will also be performing in late August as part of the Muddy Roots Music Festival in Tennessee headlined by The Blasters and Mudhoney. The annual festival features a buffet of music – roots, bluegrass, rock, blues and more.

Cassettes can be ordered online via Weiner Records and there will be copies available locally.

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