Annandale Heights planning new music

By Brian Tucker

The alternative pop and rock band released their debut Tuck That In last fall, two years after forming. It’s a fun album, complete with energetic, youthful rock tunes that recall 90s bands All American Rejects and Jimmy Eat World.

Making the album was an experience in which they hammered out eight songs over two days. Currently in college at Cape Fear Community College and their drummer a senior in high school, they plan to enter the studio and record new material in early February. 

Learning experience or not, the band laid down promising groundwork. Highlights on the album are the frantic “Hunter’s Song” and middle of the road burner “Fresh Start.” Songwriter and singer Will DesMarais delivers sugary snarl on vocals, a nice combo of guttural melodies delivered with a sneer. Below DesMarais (pronounced dem-a-ray) talks about making music, past and present.

Are you recording another full length or an EP of songs?

DesMarais: We booked a day at Hourglass Studios and plan to record two new songs. Our first experience in the studio was a complete learning experience. I had to produce it myself, which was a heavier responsibility than I had imagined.

Does the first album capture the band in-progress?

DesMarais: I believe the songs on our first album were strong, and they got good reviews, but honestly our sound as a band wasn’t defined. It was a very pre-mature album. We booked one day for now and we’re going to record songs that are upbeat, fun, and more mature. If new recordings go well we plan to make a music video.

What are the new songs about?

DesMarais: They’re both about girls, just fun to write about. “All The Charm” is one some people already know because we recorded it live in the studio for a competition. It’s about a girl who just loves to lie and spread gossip. The chorus goes, “Well everything’s a secret nowadays, but you can’t keep it. And I don’t want to hear your stories, you can keep it.”  The other is brand new. It’s called “Blind Date.” No one has heard it yet but I think it’ll make people smile. It’s kind of a joke song but has sincerity to it and makes some references to growing up in the late 90s and early 2000’s.

How are you approaching the studio now? You said you learned a lot the last time.

DesMarais: I did. I learned no matter how inexperienced you might think you are that you can’t let someone else control your sound or vision. Whenever you’re new to something, you always wonder if you should just let the professionals do their job. A lot of times I just assumed things would sound good and be perfect but that’s not it at all.

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